What is IDATER?

IDATER is the International Conference on Design and Technology Educational Research and Curriculum Development and was held at Loughborough University each year from 1988-2001. Papers presented at the Conference discussed research and curriculum development related to design-related disciplines, to curriculum subjects, and to their associated educational activities. The papers were published in the annual Conference Book and thereby disseminated to a world-wide audience and, in particular, made available to those studying and researching in this field. In 2001 the decision was made to take IDATER Online providing opportunity to interact with the design education community in new ways.


When the decision was taken to stop the traditional IDATER conferences and support the establishment of the UK D&T Association’s International Research Conferences to succeed them, it was also decided to take IDATER Online. The IDATER 2001 Editorial referred to targeted online conferences and these are now happening. We hope you will want to contribute and join in the discussions.

IDATER Archive

Over 400 papers were presented at IDATER conferences between 1988 and 2001 and these are all now freely downloadable from the IDATER Archive, which forms part of Loughborough University’s Institutional Repository. This resource both supports researchers around the world in accessing what we believe to be the largest collection of specialist literature relating to design and technology education, and also acknowledges the excellent contributions made by many researchers during this period.


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