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Clocks as a Learning Tool

Peer-reviewed paper | Lewis Jones, John Tyrer, Nigel Zanker | June 2012

Clocks as a Learning Tool

Clocks as a Learning Tool is a research project using laser manufacturing methods and horology to enrich the teaching of STEM in KS3 design and technology. From a background specialism in laser materials processing, a laser cutting project with appreciation and optimisation for modern school resources has been produced. The project takes the form of a timing mechanism. Small initial trials with schools has shown success in gaining student interest and provided feedback to improve the project. It has highlighted limits teacher knowledge in those from non-technology backgrounds. Further resources are being developed to enhance this knowledge to aid the teaching of technology in D&T. See the Clocks as a Learning Tool page >

Clocks as a Learning Tool

Reproduced with permission, in Horological Journal (July 2012, Vol 154, 2, pp322-325)

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