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Electronic Interaction Design Case Study – Face Muscle Stimulator

Case Study | Jason Jones | July 2012

Electronic Interaction Design Case Study – Face Muscle Stimulator


Case study created as part of the IDATER Electronic Interaction Design Online Conference. In an interview and product demonstration, Jason describes his new take on a face muscle stimulator for toning and defining face muscles. Jason used an OLED screen controlled by a PIC microcontroller to give a demonstrable interface on an aesthetic model of his product.


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I tried to keep a balance between all the factors; I could have put all my effort into the electronics and had most of it working, but I wanted to have a whole product, I wanted to have something that did everything
– Jason Jones

Having undertaken a project with a serious level of electronics in it I feel that it has given me an advantage over people who haven’t… Electronics is a means to an end. I want something to work so I just sit and do it
– Jason Jones

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