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Electronic Interaction Design Case Study – Heated Baby Carrier

Case Study | Rebecca Penfold | July 2012

Electronic Interaction Design Case Study – Heated Baby Carrier


Case study created as part of the IDATER Electronic Interaction Design Online Conference. In an interview and product demonstration, Rebecca describes how she made her thermo-electric baby carrier, designed to keep infants warm in cold climates. Her product uses electrically conductive smart fabrics to gently warm the area around the child.


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I feel it has given me an insight and working it out yourself makes you learn things a lot quicker and a lot deeper, and I don’t think I would have discovered this is I had known exactly what to do through documentation. So now I’ve had to come up with my own solution and I understand fully how all the the electronics function
– Rebecca Penfold

Its taken up a substantial amount of my time, things tend to go wrong, components break, programming fails, or you cant find the problem until the end stages and you spend a lot of time trying to find the soloution, however it’s provided me with a lot of knowledge
– Rebecca Penfold

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  1. Aloysius


    I am a manufacturer for baby carrier and stroller. I am for Korea and the weather here is very harsh too. Will like to find out more about this thermal smart fabric, and see if we can work together to develop this into mass production.

    Thank you.

    Yours truly,
    Aloysius Kee

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