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Electronic Interaction Design Case Study – Mind Control Relaxation Tool

Case Study | Nick Schneider | July 2012

Electronic Interaction Design Case Study – Mind Control Relaxation Tool


Case study created as part of the IDATER Electronic Interaction Design Online Conference. In an interview and product demonstration, Nick describes his product that tries to relax a users mind by focusing them on moving a ball using technology already found in EEG headsets. His working prototype uses Bluetooth and inferred technology and an Arduino board to drive motors in a ball.


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If I could have done a part of the project differently, I would have taken more time to consider what components should be bought in, and what components should be be made myself, or more specifically what systems I should have made myself
– Nick Schneider

Inevitably theres a small part of you that wants to get that extra bit done, wants to get the extra detail done, the extra part of the code done. But you have to be realistic with the time that you’e got…It’s in the nature of a designer to want to resolve something
– Nick Schneider

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