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Electronic Interaction Design Case Study – Parcel Delivery System

Case Study | Jason Lee | July 2012

Electronic Interaction Design Case Study – Parcel Delivery System


Case study created as part of the IDATER Electronic Interaction Design Online Conference. In an interview and product demonstration, Jason describes ‘Depo’, a parcel delivery system that avoids the need for someone to be at home when a parcel is delivered. Jason has devised a entire working system that insures only the right parcel is delivered and provides the courier a secure place to store it.


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I think having electronics knowledge as well as mechanical knowledge, you’re able to do things that, say the more ‘designerly’ type product designers, wouldn’t be able to do – you’re able to make things work, you’re able to show things more convincingly than the more ‘artist’ type designers
– Jason Lee

“By doing more electronics you can fully demonstrate whats actually going on and you can say to people this is literally it… I could present this in front of clients and tell them, here’s my concept, and its probably more believable that I’ve done all this rather than just simulating
– Jason Lee

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