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Electronic Interaction Design Case Study – Tactile MP3 Device

Case Study | Justin Bramwell | July 2012

Electronic Interaction Design Case Study – Tactile MP3 Device


Case study created as part of the IDATER Electronic Interaction Design Online Conference. In an interview and product demonstration, Justin describes ‘Fidget’, his new take on an MP3 player, whereby it chooses the songs to play based upon input from the user’s involuntary fidgeting. Justin sought to demonstrate the functionality of the product using an Arduino, OLED screen and off-the-shelf MP3 player.


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I found it difficult to source the right components and get them to work, but eventually I managed to trawl through the various help and datasheets and documents and managed to get something to work with a screen
– Justin Bramwell

Emotionally driven MP3 Player, avoiding current trents of touch screens and over-the-air services. Its tries to bring back nostalgia and tactility into portable music listening. It came about from looking and observing users listening to music….they like to fidget around play
– Justin Bramwell

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