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Electronics and Interaction Design Conference 2012

Notification | Tom Page | 5 August 2011

Electronics and Interaction Design Conference 2012

The Electronics and Interaction Design Conference will be launched mid 2012. The conference will look at both industry practice and educational issues. It is led by Dr Tom Page and if you want to get involved you can contact him by email. You may send your paper prior to the conference launch.

Electronic Interaction Design Conference Overview

Whilst the online event will begin mid-2012 there will be an event at Loughborough University bringing contributors together later in the year. It will be possible to leave comments on the individual contributions on the IDATER Online site, as well as contributing at the University event.

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Status Video Contact Guidelines
Electronics and Interaction Design Conference Electronics and Interaction Design Video Contact Tom Page by Email Download Conference Contribution Guidelines

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  1. would like to know if it is possible to attend online at the conference. I´m working as a co-teacher and designer at a british school in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I would like to learn more about design and technology educational practices. Nowadays the school is investing in proper new media technology in order to improve and developdesign and technology projects.

  2. gmawal


    this is a very good web site. many many thanks. Electronics and Interaction design video is good. online conference plane its publish.

  3. Tom Page


    Please feel free to submit a paper, video or series of photographs of your work in electronics and interaction design.

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